Wednesday, 26 June 2013

KoHuna Sands Resort, Mackey, Qld

KoHuna Sands Resort, a quaint little resort north of Mackey, once a bustling tourist hot spot, now a handy man's delight.

The Resort is beautifully positioned, on a magnificent beach front, and has sea side bungalows which have potential, all they need is an inch of paint, and a lot of love. It was obvious KoHunah's cleaning staff were on holiday like ourselves. The kitchen was overdue for a good scrub, and the bathroom was filthy, however, we did get a complementary cigarette butt in the bathroom sink.

Could not believe it, but it was there waiting for us
The beach is the highlight of this resort, and if the cleanliness picked up your stay may be passable (just)  at a budget price.

Bob's stay rating: 3/10

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